Introduction to Expertise Education


Background of the Introduction-

· Since 2003, education by course has been implemented to promote the ability for a workforce engaged in industries to establish and utilize the standards. Its curricula has covered the concept of standards and trends in international standardization, preparation of standards documents, English in international conferences, R & D and standards patent strategies, etc. The programs, which have been specialized and field-oriented, have been operated using a pool of lecturers, which was composed of various standards professionals belonging to the industry, universities, or research institutions.

· Since 2013, systematic professional cultivation education has been implemented by establishing a curricula named as the “Standards Expertise Course” to reinforce the competency necessary to construct the base for the autonomous international standardization of businesses.

Organization of the Course-

Organization of the Course
Classification Hours Contents
Day 1
(Overview of the Standards)
2 Overview and significance of the standards, standardization activity of businesses
2 Understanding the terms of international standards
2 Introduction to the International Organization for Standardization, introduction to the procedures to establish international standards
Day 2
(International Standards Activity)
2 Understanding the roles of a project leader, understanding the form for international standards
2 English and global manner for international conferences
2 Deduction of assignments to be suggested for international standards, establishing strategies to promote the assignment, preparing for conference participation
Day 3
(Standards Utilization Strategies)
2 Strategies to link R & D patent standards and their cases
2 Concept and significance of standards patents
2 Cases of international standardization activity by small- and medium-sized businesses

Operation Status (2003~2012)-

The basics of the standards, an introduction to international standardization, strategies to link R & D standards patents, etc.

Operation Status
Classification 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Number of education 6 6 6 11 7 5 6 6 10 5
Number of trainees 226 287 392 251 249 120 150 171 152 162

Education to Cultivate Professionals in the International Standardization

Education to Cultivate Professionals in the International Standardization
Classification 2009 2010 2011 2012
Number of trainees 187 235 152 140

Operation Status (2013~)-

Operation Status
Classification 2013 2014
Number of education 1 3
Number of trainees 36 118