Global Standard Academy



To develop and disseminate Korean standards contents and cultivate professionals for international standards cooperation by diffusing Korean technology standards infrastructure internationally and by reinforcing global standards cooperation

Korean standards infrastructure is the standardization system that is developed based on history and culture indigenous to Korea. It includes the organization, system, human resources, strategies, etc., of standardization.


Development of Korean standards contents: Develop materials for case impartment, standards cooperation consulting, consultant training, etc., based on the case studies on experiences in the development and operation of the standards infrastructure of Korea

Dissemination and diffusion of contents: Provide Korean standards contents (electronic documents, books, infographics, video clips, etc.) domestically and internationally through online/offline channels

In particular, provide by online site detailed introduction materials and related contents to standards education programs by field, such as elementary/secondary/higher education, professional education, policy study, international standards cooperation, etc., in Korea

Provision of information on the trends in standards education: Provide introduction and research materials for the main events of the International Organization for Standardization, international conferences, standards policy research institutes, etc.

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